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Saskatoon Goldman reception

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A Quickly Crafted Reception

The Goldman family had a short timeline to host an event celebrating the marriage of Daniel to Chelsea. In only one month, Saskatoon delivered— a Jewish reception that pulled out all the stops.

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Daniel and Chelsea got married in June. Ellen contacted Saskatoon in July to plan for an August event. They made an appointment with Jane, Saskatoon’s Wedding and Rehearsal Dinner Coordinator, and she sprang into action to get everything rolling: event spaces, food, drink, music and decor. “It was just an easy process,” Ellen says. “Whatever you want to happen, they can make happen!”

With a tight deadline and a new space, there were plenty of opportunities for mistakes, but the synergy between the event team, the restaurant staff and the Goldman family was immediate, and unmatched. “The best part of it was that I could ramble in the way that I do and they still understood what I was looking for,” says Ellen. “Jane could read my mind in certain areas...It was just an easy process.”

Within a month, the perfect event sprang to life on August 18—a party for 140 of their closest friends and family that spread throughout the bluetrimmed event space and spilled into the outdoor area. Beautiful lights lined the areas, while Saskatoon’s own tastings filled the menu of heavy hors d'oeuvres in different stations around the room. “When we walked in that night it was perfect,” Ellen notes. “It was exactly the way we wanted it and exactly the way I envisioned it. They had brought my vision to life.” From the fast-paced beginnings to the very last call, the Goldman wedding was a success, and pulled everyone around into the festivities—even some of the Saskatoon restaurant staff. “We’re Jewish, so when we did the Horah (a traditional Jewish wedding dance), a lot of people had not seen that before,” said Ellen.”They even pulled Renee and Edmund's daughter into the circle to dance.” But really, Ellen notes, what made the event with Saskatoon so special, even from the beginning, was the way they felt: “The personal touch was amazing,” she says. “They’ve known us for years, but Renee and Edmund have this ability to become your family friend throughout the process. It was always “hug you in and hug you out”, and Jane was the same way. I didn't feel like it was a business transaction— although it was. Instead, I feel I have a friend for life.”

when we walked in that night, it was perfect. It was exactly the way we wanted it and exactly the way I envisioned it. They had brought my vision to life.

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