Richard Maurer: Episode 023 – The Blood Code

Dr. Richard Maurer, doctor, author, and parent, has practiced integrative medicine in Maine since 1994. He helps people interpret their unique blood test results to resolve disease and move toward real health and vitality. His own personal and familial trend toward type 2 diabetes has only strengthened his preventive and natural medical pursuits in an effort to help others find their effective dietary, nutritional, and fitness habits.

How did you choose this particular path?
My undergrad degree was in Music Performance but my hobby was reading nutritional textbooks; I thought clinical nutrition was a way of trying to answer the question, “What is a healthy diet? What should we be aspiring to to find our optimal health?” I ended up finding a naturopathic medical school in Portland, Oregon and became a naturopathic physician not because that was my life aspiration but because that was truly the only place I could learn what I needed to learn for myself.

How did you come to create your book The Blood Code?
In my 30 years of trying to answer “what is a healthy diet,” there were so many different approaches I took to answering this but I was never using a metric to allow me to see what was working and what wasn’t. The book is a very simple manual to help people understand their lab results so they can figure out what is the best diet, nutrition and exercise program and actually measure if their approach is working for them.

How often do you check your results?
Every 3 months makes sure to get the full effect of any change that takes place from diet or exercise. Blood test results can help me determine what type of Type II diabetes a person is expressing, for example. A person can be insulin-resistant or insulin-sensitive.

What does a blood test tell you differently than a DNA test?
Anything related to metabolism with genetics only explains about 10% of the possibility of someone developing an actual condition. 90% is still set and setting—diet, fitness, environment—wrapped into that person. Genes can carry traits towards developing a condition but knowing whether that’s there or not is irrelevant to the actions a person can take re: diet, fitness, environment, etc.

If people go to, there is a link to purchase various metabolic panels at affordable prices that are 80% less expensive than going to a lab yourself. The book itself offers worksheets to help the average person interpret their blood test results.

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