Jonathan Bailor: Episode 102: “The Calorie Myth” ‘s Jonathan Bailor: Forget Calorie Counting – Lose Weight and Fix Your Hormones With High Quality Foods

Edmund speaks with Jonathan Bailor, internationally-recognized wellness expert and NY Times bestselling author of The Calorie Myth

In This Episode:


Our country is plagued with suffering due to metabolic problems, caused by improper eating, which is a function of the misinformation we’ve been given.


The #3 global economic burden is obesity, at $2 trillion in 2014.


Much of what we're experiencing now is a byproduct of being told:

-whole foods with fat and protein will kill you

-processed foods with no fat but filled with sugar, starch and processed trans-fat are good for you


If you’re an average American, 40-60% of your food is processed, you’re mostly sedentary, you’re sleep deprived and you’re probably on prescription medication. That makes some people overweight but not others. Why?


There’s a lot of programming that says “a calorie is a calorie," but what’s the missing puzzle piece?

Proper information. Toxic food causes all kinds of problems. Forget about the calories. Putting chemical nonsense into your bodies is going to do things that may not show for 50 years.


Cutting down on portion control to lose weight?

There’s a difference between being a healthy normal weight and seeing your abs. If you’re not genetically isn't natural, so you’re going to need to do unnatural things. It’s also unhealthy. Is your goal to be happy, healthy and fit, or is it to adhere to an arbitrary societal body image?


Cutting calories vs. eating the right calories: how do you determine the right amount of food for yourself?

If you get quality right, that takes care of quantity. Eat in order of volume: non-starchy vegetables, nutrient-dense protein, wholesome fats and low-fructose fruits. When you eat a lot of vegetables, you can’t over-consume calories.


Is sugar ok as a reward or in moderation?

Avoid the deprivation mindset; take on the substitution mindset instead. You don’t need to cheat because all the flavors are available to you if you make higher quality substitutions.