Nell Stephenson: Episode 104: Paleoista Nell Stephenson “Are You Doing the Wrong Things to be beautiful from the Inside Out with True Paleo?”

Nell Stephenson is one of the pioneers of the Paleo Diet movement.  She started following the Paleo approach to eating in 2005 to heal her own body leading her to start her All Things Paleo blog in 2007.  In 2010, she co-authored the Paleo Diet Cookbook with Dr. Loren Cordain.  Nell has been featured as the Paleo Expert on numerous media outlets including twice on the Dr. Oz Show.  She travels the world speaking on "True Paleo".  Nell has created invaluable tools to help many clients implement Paleo in their daily life...her Paleoista App and three published books on Paleo living.  Nell is a Paleo Chef, Ironman athlete and marathon runner!

2:44 Growing up Nell was often sick with a variety of GI issues.

4:04  When she went to the doctor for her issues, Nell was told that she could not give up grains and gluten because she needed the fiber and was sent away instead with a prescription for Prozac!

4:45  Through her own research, Nell discovered that there are varying degrees of gluten sensitivity; It is not as black and white as if you have or have not Celiac disease.

5:35  Still not feeling great, Nell learns about the work of Dr. Loren Cordain  that some foods can lead you to feeling sick.  She starts following his teachings and starts feeling better almost immediately.

7:16  Nell's definition of Paleo:  Eating an abundance of locally grown seasonal vegetables (hopefully organic, budget permitting) wild fish, grass fed meats, pasture raised chicken and poultry, eating enough fat.

7:41  Eat enough fat!  It is not the fat that is doing you in; It is the refined carbohydrates.

8:05  Be careful with nuts.  Eat nuts in moderation as they are high in Omega 6s and low in Omega 3s.

8:19  Use coconut oil to cook with as it has a higher smoke point.

8:37  If you are following an Auto Immune Protocol or have thyroid issues, avoid nuts and seeds as a part of your diet.

9:37  Nell's Philosophy about non Paleo foods and her protocol on how to "test" and add non Paleo items to your diet.

11:35  Definitely stay away from wine if you have migraines!

12:25  Discover the difference between having a planned splurge versus a binge or cheat.

13:48  Nell discusses her own transition to become totally fat adapted...using fat instead of carbohydrates as her fuel.

17:12  Edmund asks Nell for makeup advice!!!

17:23  What is the most Paleo makeup?

17:38  Why Nell recommends BeautyCounter makeup.

17:55  It has been 80 years since the U.S. has made any change in the laws about testing skin care products.

18:14  Nell says that using commercially available makeups without looking at the label is the same as eating an "energy" bar without reading the ingredient label.

18:26  Many commercially available makeups contain carcinogens, neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors.

21:20  How to put it all together!  Go here to get your makeup from Nell!  Check out Nell's blog and sign up to get her Authentic Paleo tips!