Paleo Thank You

THANK YOU for requesting the paleo low carb menu updates from Saskatoon restaurant.

You will receive the new weekly paleo low carb menu by Friday afternoon of each week.  But now is the perfect time to get started with this week’s delicious menu.   Start your transformation now by clicking here:

All of our meals are personally prepared for you by our gourmet chefs…in a restaurant consistently voted best in the upstate!

Each week we need to receive orders by 10 PM at the latest on Sunday.  The meals are ready for pickup on Monday between 5 and 9 PM.

Maybe you’ve struggled with weight problems all your life…and perhaps even health problems also. What if you could just find a program that’s easy to understand and proven to melt the pounds away? This is the best way to lose weight…and maintain your weight loss. Finally, end the yo-yo weight cycle of losing weight and gaining it back.

“I will have lost 15 pounds in Five Weeks on the Saskatoon Chef Prepared Meals. My pants fit better and my wife is so proud of me! Thank you, Saskatoon!” Curtis Bolton, Spartanburg, SC.

It’s so convenient. All meals are vacuum sealed and ready to heat up.

The Saskatoon Low Carb Paleo Plan is the easiest way to lose weight while eating food served by the restaurant voted “Best of the Upstate”. Healthy, gourmet food served to you for LESS than the cost of eating out. You won’t find healthy food that tastes this good anywhere else.

Order now by going to:

If you have any questions or when you’re ready to order, please call us at 864-363-6644.

Your Caveman Chef,

Edmund Woo

Paleo Testimonials

I recently committed to one week of "Paleo" as a way to jump-start my fitness/shape-up program. I was not previously familiar with the Paleo diet, but with Edmond's encouragement and assurance that I would see results, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of food, and the interesting and varied menu. (I was NOT surprised at how good the food tasted, being a regular at Saskatoon). After losing five pounds the first week, I decided to continue with the Paleo program. Approximately 10 weeks later, I had dropped more than 20 pounds, and I felt good, with plenty of energy. I particularly like the convenience of the pre-packaged meals and the portion control aspect… and, of course, the nightly desserts and my "free day!" I highly recommend the program to others who want to improve their health while enjoying excellent food. - Bernie Krause, Greenville, SC - Results May Vary.

"I had a stubborn last 4 pounds to lose as well as specific dietary concerns (can't have gluten or diary) so I was very excited to discover Paleo meals! Not only does it meet my dietary needs but it is really, really delicious, seriously! I was so impressed with how good every dish is -- and I am a picky eater. The meat is always cooked, seasoned and marinated to perfection and far better than anything I could ever make and the portion sizes are big. Most of the time I split a dinner with my husband who loves the meals as well. I've enjoyed tried and true veggies with great seasoning as well as some exotic veggies I've never had before. It's so convenient being able to pop a Paleo meal in the microwave and have amazing tasting food that's also healthy after a long day. Beats cooking or my old go-to of fast food or pizza hands down. It tastes way better, fills me up more, costs about the same and is sooo much better for me. Plus I lost the 4 pounds!" - Leslie Coffey, Greenville, SC - Results May Vary.

Cautionary Note and Disclaimer (about Low Carb Paleo diets)

I am not a physician; I am a chef and weight loss fanatic and do not prescribe. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Any decision on your part to read and use this information is your personal choice. This information is not meant to be used to diagnose, prescribe for, or treat any illness. Please discuss any changes you wish to make to your diet, exercise, or vitamin supplement with a qualified, licensed health care provider.
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