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Saskatoon Restaurant blends the rich, beautiful scenery of the Northwest with foods rich in flavor and tradition. We want to make you feel warm and welcome while you enjoy our special preparations of beef, fish, and wild game entrees. I invite you to relax, enjoy, and let our mountain lodge decor and food take you to the Northwest! (Prices subject to change depending on market availability)



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Your dinner includes our crisp fresh Caesar salad, cream garlic ranch, or house vinaigrette salad…
….Northwest hearth bread with our specialty flavored creamery butters…
…fresh vegetables….and your choice of our house special potatoes: golden roasted, jumbo Idaho-baker,
or our signature Northwest skin-on roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Lodge Specialties

We serve only choice Nebraskan beef, corn-fed & aged in house…
hand-carved daily by our lodge chef. Each cut is grilled over live hickory fire:
RARE-cold red center, MEDIUM RARE-warm red center, MEDIUM-warm rich pink center top to bottom,
MEDIUM WELL-hot with this pink center, WELL DONE-hot and brown.

Tame Game